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CLIMA Cassava Starch Processing Machine - Washing & Crushing Section

Producing Process
Flow Chart
Wash & Crushing Section
Screening Section
Concentrating Section
Drying Section
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Cassava starch processing machine - Washing & Crushing Section

To cassava, the material is sent to cage washer through scrape board to get the result of decontamination, cleaning and peel. Then through a paddle-washing slot, material is sent to crash section.

We adopt the rasper to crash materials. Compared with traditional crasher, it has the large capacity, high starch dissociation degree features, which are essential to get high starch recovery.

Washing & Crushing Section
Equipment Required
Cassava tubers discharger
Parallel conveyer
Elevator conveyor
Mud remove barker
First time cleaning machine
Second time fine cleaning machine
Coarse crusher
Swiftly hammer type crusher
80TNT-30 Pulp tank
Crusher floating seat
Control cabinet
Accessorial bracket for washer
    Featuring Equipment Exhibition
Swiftly HammerType Crusher
Cassava Starch Rasper
Parallel Conveyer
Cassava Starch Washing Machine
Rasping of Cassava Roots
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